Yangjiang Civic Culture And Art Centre Area Urban Design & Oprea House Architectural Design


Guangdong, China
Site area: 16.7 ha
Gross floor area:159,912 m2(Opera house 19,800 平方米 )
Type; Urban design (Cultural Boutique Commercial, Creative Industry and Education, Cinema, Cultural and Art Complex, Restaurant, Hotel), Opera House Architectural Design

中国 广东
用地面积:16.7 公顷
建筑面积:159,912 平方米(歌剧院 19,800 平方米 )



Designed by lab architecture studio, Yang Jiang Civic Culture and Art Centre to create three high-value plots in pursuit of long-term benefits for the city’s future and to optimize the road network.
The comfortable microclimate connects five clusters of “exploration, learning, art and culture, lifestyle, and nature interaction” to present a new coastal cultural landmark for the people of Yang Jiang to live, work, and play.
Shape the public living room and new cultural highland on the lakefront around the Desert Sun Lake. Urban aesthetics, become a cultural exchange platform, soft power, new business card, and a cultural destination of the sea silk.

Facing the mountains and the sea, it opens up to form the momentum of spreading art. Full of artistic taste of the “hills”, music played, surrounded in the “Garden of Eden”.
Yang Jiang Opera House can be viewed from near or far, from the intersection of city, park, mountain, sea, lake, etc. The shape of superimposed water is also the container of three performing arts spaces. It is like a unique local humanistic art.
This one belongs to Yang Jiang milestone. Artistic life will thus radiate to the whole city.