Shanghai Suhewan Middle School


总建设用地面积:18976 平方米
总计建筑面积 35946 平方米


With the development of the times, modern quality education graduallyreplaces the traditional examination oriented education,
and strives to create a friendly and natural campus space environment according to the behavioraland psychological characteristics of middle school students.
At the same time, the extensive use of advanced building technology and materials, as well asthe development of information technology, make the middle school campus
buildings pay attention to space, environment and personalization while constantly improving their functions.
The planning and design is reasonably divided and arranged according to different functions such as indoor teaching, outdoor sports activities, life and logistics services.
Each area is easy to contact and does not interfere with each other. Considering that the school site is limited and there are a large number
of students, the overall design takes efficiency and simplicity as the coreconcept, creates a core teaching area on the east side of the site, takes
the west side of the site as the main outdoor activity area, and the schoolcanteen, rain and rain playground, library and other large activity spaces
are set on the underground floor.