Xiamen WuYuan Bay



Xiamen, Wuyuan Bay, China (2012)
Site Area: 97,290sqm
GFA: 153,054sqm
Type: yacht club, entertainment, commercial, hotel


The new Wuyuan Bay commercial area has a strong and simple structure of 4 development zones separated by 3 parks that lead to the waterfront.
The design for the Wuyuanwan Yacht Harbour allows for the 4 zones as part of a flexible design approach for a diverse range of functions. Pedestrian spines connect across the zones along the length of the site.
Both the overall arrangement of the buildings and their architectural expression are inspired by the fluidity of water and sailing.
The overall site pattern suggests the overlapping ripples of water surface, while the buildings have a simple series of curved corners and balconies with elegant tapering forms inspired by the modern beauty of yachts and powerboats.
All paths lead to the water. Public spaces expand and shift to create a fluid spatial system connecting across the development zones and parks.
Public life, commercial activity and movement work together across all scales, from key pedestrian spines to intimate retail arcades, and from large celebration spaces to small dining and recreational plazas.