Landsea New Mansion



Shanghai, China (2015-2018)
Site Area:1.34 Ha
GFA: 14,882 sqm
Type: apartments


This project re-optimizes the interior of the apartment, improves the functions, optimizes and adjusts the outline, reorganizes the indoor functional space of the residence, and optimizes and remodels the supporting houses, and redesigns the auxiliary spaces of the corridors, inner patios and balcony lights on each floor To enhance product value.
The facade adopts low-carbon material natural clay, four different color ceramic plates are designed through modularization, looking for numbers in the rules, and interpreting tradition and modernity, classics and fashion, nature and technology, ecology and intelligence, low Carbon and luxury, and to achieve a balance, take into account the customer’s “State Guest Standard” and some Shanghai people’s childhood memory of Xijiao.
The design increases the window opening area, increases indoor lighting and ventilation, and improves the space quality. Industrialized sashes and external insulation are low-key yet refined and luxurious.