Wuxi Digital Economy Smart Park – North Plot of Council


占地面积: 23,700 平方米
建筑面积: 188,092 平方米
项目类型: 国际时尚发布中心、文创路演中心、时尚酒店、智媒中心、数字艺术馆、国际智慧会展中心、现代新型演艺厅、音乐体验中心、艺术商业街


The Wuxi Digital Economy Intelligent Manufacturing Park – the north side of the management committee is a complex industrial park integrating the four product modules of production, R&D, conference and residence, which is a high-end intelligent manufacturing + conference display + service industry. A “Doctor Hill” for advanced disciplines will be built in the Xinwu area.
Following the beautiful water system in the south of the Yangtze River, the “Box Hill” conference plot flows and spreads around, building a unique blue-green network of industrial parks at home and abroad, and showing the world the green ecological charm of the Box Hill conference plot’s water-rich development.
The project has created a high-end industrial community in the future, including a public conference roadshow center, a science and technology innovation hub, etc., and has become an image node of the north and south cities. Positioning the combination of industrial talents and disciplines, creating characteristic spaces, stimulating urban vitality in the leading areas of industrial disciplines, and guiding urban industrial life. Nine interactive scenarios are integrated in the community to form a new community life where industry, conferences and learning are superimposed. Meet the future zero-carbon smart conference center city, implement smart transportation, smart community, smart security, and smart education, serve the industrial talents of “Doctor Hill”, and provide a more comfortable, convenient and efficient industrial learning life. Combined with the energy center and the high-speed zero-carbon garden, explore the construction of industrial cities with zero-carbon technology.
The innovation and exchange environment of the Science and Technology Smart Hub provides a variety of work and study places for enterprises at different development stages. Optimizing the proportion of urban land functions, the proportion of ecology, learning, living, production services, and conference facilities is in line with the development requirements of future industrial cities, and accommodates the learning demands of high-end manufacturing populations.