Harbour Esplanade

The ‘harbourside’ concept was created to be both a destination and a unique urban conduit, linking together melbourne dockland’s urban developments with a distinctive and contemporary waterfront.
Harbourside acts as the spatial gateway to the commercial and leisure activities emerging at melbourne docklands: a place of arrival, rendezvous and assembly. water is not solely a panoramic backdrop to the city’s western edge, but an immersively engaged realm providing character and life.
A continuous harbourside promenade integrated with the water itself as a coherent ensemble of different and complementary offerings is found no where else in the city.
Harbourside’s distinctive structure and space offers urban leisure and recreation, embracing the water setting with sundecks, hillsides and water-sport facilities, including a timber beach and ‘floating’ pool.
Along with a varied and flexible series of event spaces, harbourside hosts the proposed museum of contemporary art and garden, a waterfront theatre and a cinema.
These are just a few examples of the cultural, dining and lifestyle facilities embraced in architectural settings that respond and adapt to melbourne’s changing conditions.