Woolwich Square



East London, United Kingdom (2008)
Site Area: 12ha
Public Space Area: 10,000 sqm
type: public space + facilities


This project was undertaken through a short-listing as part of an international competition for the redevelopment of beresford and general gordon squares in woolwich, london. a significant design challenge for the project was the legacy of the residual shape of the existing public spaces, and the diverse characters and variable qualities of the building facades that define and enclose them.
The current space is divided or segregated into distinct spaces: beresford square, greens end and general gordon square. all of theses spaces have great differences in terms of their enclosure, surface levels, and adjacent functional activity.
The design approach was to integrate these four spaces through as many different registers or models of use as possible into one coherent and unrestrained contemporary precinct: woolwich square.
As a civic space, the square will integrate events and cultural activity within a framework of commercial activity that extends from the everyday to the expositional.