East Darling Harbour


用地面积: 30公顷
建筑面积: 386,350平方米
项目类型: 公寓、酒店式公寓、酒店、办公、餐饮、零售、游艇码头、停车场

Sydney, Australia (2005)
Site Area: 30ha
GFA: 310,000sqm
Type: mixed-use urban development


East darling habour’s redevelopment is made possible by the relocation of central Sydney’s final industrialised wharfage. the integration of the project to the CBD is founded on a direct and active linkage to the rocks tourism precinct, extending to the circular quay transport and leisure terminus, southwards past the business district, and then looping back through the wynyard transport interchange.
The western flank of the CBD’s truncated streets and sightlines is refracted across the cliff wall and into the site as a series of landscape fissures, ‘eroding’ the overprescribed concave development envelope along hickson road.
Our development plan creates a new overall precinct of individual rather than aggregated building sites, and in doing so allows new lateral connections to occur across and within the site, and fosters a greater diversity of ground floor retail and commercial uses.
The plan also envisages an iconic new harbourside square, a contemporary public space which captures the spirit of the city and spatially integrates its distinctive waterfront. A completely timber-paved square and large public amphitheatre provide the city with its long-desired active harbourside event address. This square is ‘roofed’ by a unique catenary cloud formed by hundreds of shaped metal petals that provides the square with variegated shade and reflectors for lighting.