Xitaihu International Business Plaza


中国常州 (2009-2012)
占地面积:1.2 公顷
建筑面积:12,000 平方米

Changzhou, China (2009–2012)
Site Area: 1.2ha
GFA: 12,000sqm
Type: office, hotel


This competition-winning design proposal for a new city government office complex incorporates a 5 star hotel with full conference and meeting capability together with a range of restaurant and support facilities.
The dramatic form of the building is part of the project’s integrated sustainable design, generated to create a self-shading form which, in conjunction with the proposed sun shading and variable facade panel system, significantly reduces the facade’s peak heat loading allowing a significant reduction in plant and services.
The green building approach is enhanced by the use of a displacement air-conditioning system, providing supply air to all office spaces through a raised floor that also allows future flexibility for changes in layout and building cabling.
This building is designed to achieve a 2 star (equivalent to Australian 5 star ) Chinese green star energy rating.