Shenzhen Cultural Centre


用地面积:7.5 公顷
建筑面积:75,406 平方米

Shenzhen, China
Site Area: 7.5 Ha
GFA: 75,406 sqm
Type: library, art museum, art education center, theatre, opera house

深圳文化中心规划位于中国南海沿岸的宝安新城。 LAB构思在这四个地块上作一轮将建筑设计融合至城市和自然景观中的总体规划。

The proposed Shenzhen cultural centre is located in the new city of Bao’an, on the southern coast of china. lab has conceived the four sites as one master plan with a design that considers the urban and natural landscape as interconnected and inseparable from the buildings.The facade is based upon a dynamic voronoi pattern, generated from the geometry of the building.
Three different types of materials are used: dark metallic cladding, textured stone panels and two different shades of glass.
Use of these materials creates surface changes in the appearance of the facade at different times of the day, ranging from matt black to light grey.
He library is located at the northern-most site in the precinct and appears as a sculptural form.
The entry is drawn into focus by a spectacular south-facing overhang which soars over 20m, providing year-round shade. the arts + cultural centre and the youth palace are integrated as one single site in a figure ‘8’.
Both buildings have clearly identified ground-level street frontages with defined entries but are also connected by sunken gardens.landscaping has been modulated so that the ‘architecture’ of the landscape becomes the building and vice versa.
Moving between the buildings and the landscape creates pedestrian circulation and connection to courtyards, plazas and parks, connecting public spaces and the building entries.