Quartz Tower


建筑面积:29,000 平方米

Business bay, Dubai (2006)
site area: 0.6ha
GFA: 29,000sqm
type: commercial office + retail


The ‘quartz tower’, so called because of its faceted and coloured crystalline glazed form, is an 18-level commercial office tower in dubai’s rapidly developing business bay precinct. the project occupies a waterside site, created by an extended section of dubai creek, with direct views to the main cultural centre planned for the area’s northern end.
The tower conforms to business bay’s rigid planning code – engaging with the adjacent colonnades, providing upper-level road access – and maximises the available building’s gfa within the building restrictions.
It does this too, by using the faceted form to be able to position larger floor plates on the more valuable upper floors of the building.
The building’s facade is clad in laminated diachronic glass, which provides the uniquely vibrant colour as well as the dynamic spectral shift which occurs both throughout the day and as the viewing position to the building changes.
The faceting also means that the colour shifts occur at different rates on the same face, providing an additional dimension of visual interest.