C1-C3 Office Park

C1-C3 办公园区

用地面积:4.1 公顷
建筑面积:107,000 平方米

Nanjing, China (2007–2010)
Site Area: 4.1ha
GFA: 107,000m2
Type: retail, commercial office, residential + serviced apartments


C1-C3 project, named after its site, is a mixed-use development forming the second stage of the xianlin civic and commercial centre’s design undertaken by lab, and is scheduled to be completed during 2010.It comprises a four-level retail and commercial podium, with a central landscaped courtyard and activity space around which are arranged five 15-storey blocks (two for offices, one for soho/small offices and two for serviced apartments).
The design of the office buildings will integrate a number of significant sustainable features, including passive solar shading, a ventilating western wall to reduce heat loading and significantly, mixed-mode ventilation that allows the occupants to make use of natural ventilation at the appropriate times of the year.
All five towers share a single facade design principle and materials palette. stone and metal panel cladding, together with glazing are used; however, the functional requirements of each building and different servicing systems mean that the facade of each is distinct and discernibly different. these changing components include the glazing sizes and the widths of vertical modules, all choreographed according to different proportional rhythms.