Chongming Island Bicycle Park



Chongming Island, China (2011)
Site Area: 124.4ha
GFA: 9,560sqm
Type: bicycle museum, tourism service centre, multifunctional activity centre


Given the ecological importance of the site and the emphasis in the master plan, the landscape is the starting position and conceptual driver in the formation of the proposal for Chongming Bicycle Park.
The consideration of three fundamental themes of the natural environment is in instilled into the appreciation of the experience of the individual buildings. Each of the three buildings representing one of the core elements of air, earth and water.
The Tourist information Centre which serves as the main orienation space is cantilevered over the plaza as though suspended in the air, the Multi- Function Conference Centre experiences the abounding water via bridges which traverse the lake below the water level, and the Bicycle Museum adjacent to the nearby bamboo forest and external sculpture galleries is embedded in the earth.
Traditional Chinese landscaping techniques such as framed views, obstructed views and leaking views have been employed, and inform the way the buildings are positioned and viewed in the landscape as well as the way the landscape is viewed from the buildings.
These techniques emphasize the difference between views and physical connections, and the effect the buildings have on the immediate landscape, creating a dramatic sequence of revelatory internal spaces that enrich the experience of the buildings and the views of the landscape.