Golden Eagle International Centre Tower B (GEI III Tower)


用地面积:1.6 公顷
建筑面积:130,000 平方米

Nanjing, China (2009–2016)
Site Area: 1.6 ha
GFA: 170,000 sqm
Type: commercial office, residential, retail, hotel + business club


Located in a busy retail area in central Nanjing close to the Xinjiekjou intersection, this mixed-use development contains a department store, retail spaces, bank premises, a business club, commercial offices, a five star hotel and residential apartments.
All vehicular access occurs to the rear of the site, keeping the street clear for pedestrian movement.
The western side of the structure includes a small plaza, providing an urbanaddress to a series of small-scale historic buildings.
The project approach sought to develop the tower and podium as a single, coherent design concept.
Both share a stepped, or off-set splay in their form, dissolving the monolithic reading, breaking down the overall scale of the tower and allowing expression of its different functional components.
In addition the structures share a single facade system which is visually ordered through a large-scale digitally inspired pattern. This integrates all the required conditions including podium advertising signage and showcase windows.
For the tower, the pattern is manifested through vertical (E+W) and horizontal (S+N) fins of varying depth, creatingsignificant sun-shading to their respective orientations.