Al Manara Villa



LAB was commissioned to design the Al Manara Villa; the personnel residence for an existing large scale development client.
LAB’s design response strongly rejects the pastiche arabesque references found in many of the current local developments, but instead pursues a language of strong linear geometries, slipped planes and asymmetry.

The building forms have been woven from the basement up to create a number of external voids and courtyards.
These external spaces are integral to the development of the plans, and are handled in a multitude of ways to provide shading, enclosure,
semi enclosure and openness to deal with the climate.
The interrelation between internal and external space is at the core of the concept and will prove defining in how the space is used and evolves through the seasons.
At the centre of the ground floor is a large shaded courtyard around which the main living, entertaining and dining spaces have been laid.
Despite the available space the building has been designed to minimise enclosure by function but seeks to create an open and light filtered environment.
Cognoscente of local sensibilities the design will provide clear differentiation between public and private quarters.