用地面积:0.7 公顷
建筑面积:50,000 平方米

Guardian大厦由两部分组成: 高层住宅和高层办公楼, 通过零售商业和服务平台相连接。同时,该综合体有三层地下停车场,提供停车服务。

Guardian Towers, Abu Dhabi is a mixed-use complex of an 18-storey residential tower, 18-storey commercial office tower and 2-level retail podium.

The project sets these two mid-rise blocks in an off-set relationship, allowing for slipped views and adjacent vistas. The blocks undergo a process of slicing,
shift and slight rotation, breaking the static tradition of extruded, rectangular tower blocks. In doing so, the project provides a more dynamic and more elaborate development of the facade in relation to building form and in relation to the whole ensemble.

The double-skin facade for the residential tower was a response to the Abu Dhabi climate, with extreme heat and humidity during summer, but more moderate temperatures during winter and spring.
The open slots as well as open balconies of the residential facade allow for the glazed and fritted glass of the external skin to modify and ameliorate the direct solar gain,
with the recessed windows and balcony doors partially protected from direct solar penetration. The gradient fritting on the office facade allows the offices to retain floor to ceiling glazing to all offices,
but with only partial transparency to the window wall again restricting the overall solar gain to the offices.
For all of the apparent complexity of the massing and facades, with shifted, off-set and tilted surfaces,
the structural plan of both towers follows a very simple and economical column grid. The manipulated facades are a consequence of the judicious use of nominal cantilevers, easily constructed and with no structural gymnastics.