Gamma Tower


澳大利亚 昆士兰
占地面积:0.5 公顷
建筑面积: 70,655 平方米


the building form, generated by two embedded vertical filaments, was developed to create the maximum number of apartments with panoramic ocean views on both the ‘front’ northeast-oriented side and the ‘back’ southwest-oriented side.
the fused elements separate at the upper levels to create a unique twin tower skyline ‘y’ profile, shape of the greek letter gamma.

while predominantly a residential apartment development, the proposal also includes a boutique hotel and serviced apartments located on the towers’ lower valued floors, lower level retail and small self-contained office building.

the building doesn’t have a single or simple image, but instead presents an ‘in-the-round’ experience providing a constantly changing yet equally dramatic impression depending on where it’s viewed from.
this effect is further enhanced by the slight axial shift in the tower’s alignment on site, resulting in the form being always oblique to the main gold coast highway and beach front roads.

the two vertically embedded tower forms have vertical faces to the northeast and southwest, with the raked profile being created with only the northwest and southeast faces sloping.
this means that the distinctive form which was required for the tower can be created using conventional construction systems.
the development also includes an innovative retail concept accommodated in the distinctive three-level glazed wave form of the podium, which directs flows internally forming an internal landscaped garden lined with specialty stores and outdoor cafes and dining.
the retail focus is a destination emporium store over three levels supplemented with a roof top signature bistro/restaurant featuring an all weather terrace dining.