Bardez Goa

果阿 巴尔代

goa, india (2006-)

site area: 1.67ha

gross floor area: phase (i) 5483m2, phase (ii) 3909m2

type: residential + clubhouse


this master plan proposal for a residential compound of 30 high-end luxury villas and community facilities is located on a steeply sloping site in goa, india.
the siting and villa designs engage with the challenging site and utilise sustainable design principles to optimise each residence’s courtyards and external views.

situated on the banks of the river mandovi with exceptional views of goa’s capital, panji, the site’s steep gradient presents both opportunities and severe constraints.
the formal strategy developed for the master plan of staggered building volumes and shifted floor plates ensures that all of the villas’ habitable rooms receive expansive views and that the different levels of each villa orient to different segments of the vista.

progressive levels of enclosure and a flexible interior/exterior relationship encourage the use of outdoor space and capitalise on goa’s tropical climate.
maximising cross-ventilation and minimising incident solar load are also critical components of the villa designs. given the limited site area, many of the existing trees have been relocated with new planting introduced to encourage on-site retention of rainwater.
the villas and community facilities are further integrated into the natural setting through use of traditional materials, including local stone, and other natural materials such as timber and local gravels.