Changzhou Weijin CYRE

常州维景 CYRE

维景, 中国 (2008)

用地面积: 3.4ha

建筑面积: 120,000m2

建筑类型: 商业办公, 住宅,零售


wuijin is a new development district of changzhou, one of the key industrial and manufacturing cities of the yangtze river delta located an hour’s drive northwest of shanghai.lab’s design possesses the best balance in terms of architectural, urban design and environmental performance.
the cyre mixed-used complex has been designed with the aim of achieving chinese best practice in regards to environmentally sustainable building development.

rather than approach the design and the master plan with the language of tall towers, the master plan was designed as a medium-density development, achieving the desired gross floor area by conceiving the buildings as a
high-density, low-rise, mixed-used complex.
this model is the most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve good passive environmental sustainable design.
the integrated appearance of the massing, with interconnecting forms and interplay between voids and spaces, creates a distinctive urban icon and a ‘destination’ for the new cbdt of wuijin: cyre complex as a canal city.