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富有全新韵律的立面采用了彩色铝板的动感图案, 并作为新玻璃幕墙的结构框架。同时可以提供灯箱和广告,并且与现有的三角板创造出延续的视觉感受。铝板的图案和频率给出一种立面被

Completed in 2009 LAB’s new facade design and retail planning and reorganisation for the former Paradiz Centre aims to revitalise
the development through rehabilitating the building’s aesthetic appearance and creating a more vibrant and engaging pedestrian route
into and through the building.
Pedestrian traffic flow is directed from the school of art to the new atrium bridge and then through the revamped centre,
creating a thoroughfare and a sense of interconnected space not only within the building but also between buildings.
The new rhythmic facade features a dynamic pattern
of coloured aluminium fins which serve as the structural mullions for the new glazed curtain wall. It also supports light boxes and signage,
and additionally creates visual continuity across the existing spandrel panels.
The pattern and frequency of the fins were articulated to give
the impression that the facade is folded, creating a sense of depth in the surfaces. The design of the lightweight aluminium entry atrium trellis continues
the theme of the virtual folding of the facade fins inwards to form a new space, joining interior and exterior together.
New cantilevered second-level balconies extend this activation of the building’s facade and street frontage. Lighting is an important aspect of the
design: the fins are illuminated with fibre-optic lighting, supplemented on the facades by light boxes and large-scale projections.