Nanhai Lihu Cultural Centre


占地面积:2.69 公顷
建筑面积:20,900 平方米

Foshan, China (2018-2019)
site area: 2.69 ha
gross floor area: 20,900 sqm
type: cultural performance centre, library, youth centre, exhibition

三体分工各是:青少年活动中心、图书馆及演艺中心。 剧场前厅空间是一个由双层玻璃幕墙勾勒出的巨大观景窗。

The project of the Lihu Cultural Center is not an ordinary landmark project, but how to solve the problem of eternal tension between the old and the new, history and modernity, natural landscape and the scale of urbanized architecture and language.
The core of the project is how to combine past existence and value with contemporary potential and reality; and become an accumulation site in Nanhai District.
The building is divided into two parts in shape: landscape podium and main body. The highly sculptural podium is covered with off-white granite panels, accompanied by water features and greenery, which constitute the space of the exhibition hall.
The main body of the building is composed of three cantilevered spaces, which one end connected to each other, and the other end extends to the surrounding urban hill park and river in three directions. There are three divisions of labor, youth center, library and performance hall.
The lobby space is a huge picture window outlined by a double-glazed curtain wall. There, you can overlook the city skyline and surrounding mountains. Visually connecting the interior and exterior of the building, the interaction between architecture and nature.
On the north side of the building is a huge “green plate” consisting of a series of hilly landscapes that gradually guide visitors from the city to the waterfront and then to Zhongshi Park.
A large staircase at the end of the landscaped east end connects the building with the public public landscape garden, creating a tranquil urban alternative to the surrounding stream. Visitors can walk freely in a continuous cycle.