Dongli Lake Green Core



Dongli Lake, Tianjin, China (2011)
Site Area: 183.23ha
GFA: 3,067,400 square meters
Type: Sustainable masterplan


The brief for this masterplan was to take an existing and typically Chinese approach to a new, car focused, city centre and provide an alternative,higher density, higher amenity, less monolithic zoning and a more sustainable proposal.
Analysis of the existing control plan, research into highly urbanized cities and reference to programmatic precedents led to the proposal of four key structuring principles: the use of three activity nodes (commercial, cultural and retail) and a green civic spine as a mechanism for increased density as opposed to one single centre;
an increased mix between adjacent functions; greater connectivity for road, pedestrian and bicycle networks; strategic location of parks and civic building to provide increased land value to areas not located adjacent to the water.
The identification and location of the three activity nodes and green civic spine, were reinforced by implementing precinct based car parks under or adjacent to the activity nodes to promote overlapping pedestrian catchments and greater pedestrian connectivity. From these centres concentric ripples of density of population and programmatic mix spread across the site.
This deployment is marked with a landmark building at the core of each activity node and is shadowed through the concentric arcs of the landscape and planting which provides identity and connection throughout the masterplan.