Kinetic Towers


用地面积:1.6 公顷
建筑面积:196,000 平方米

Dubai, UAE (2007-2008)
Site Area: 1.6 ha
GFA: 196,000 sqm
Type: residential + retail


This project proposal is for a series of small-plan-area residential towers and associated retail podium located on a near-waterfront site in dubai.
It consists of studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments, of varying plan types, in a distinctive aggregated and dynamic form, which gives the project its name.
The tower’s form derives from a linear arrangement of four vertical elements which are in turn organised around two separate vertical cores.
This creates an individual form which can be built within well-understood structural and constructional processes. the towers are oriented north-south in order to maximise water views, with a variety of apartment types whose vertical stacking produces an inherent diversity of plan sizes and internal amenity within the buildings’ organisational arrangement.
The podium integrates into the adjacent developments by providing a network of direct pedestrian linkages, and contains health and leisure club facilities and a small, specialist retail component focusing on lifestyle tenancies supplemented by complementary food and beverage outlets.