BMW Design Centre



Leipzig, Germany (2001)
Site Area: 3 ha
GFA: 45,000 sqm
type: offices, factory infrastructure and amenities, public facilities


The BMW central building project for the new leipzig factory proposed an entirely new paradigm for the organisation and operation of this new manufacturing plant. the reception + public facilities, design offices, research + development, quality assurance + production measurement as well as all staff amenities were positioned within the nexus of the three factory components: the metal forming, the paint shop, body storage and the final assembly line, so focussing all attention to the manufacturing process.
Formed from an arrangement of folded linear elements (filaments), the three level building is an accumulation of formal and functional overlappings and foldings.
This creates a network of public facilities, office zones, QA stations and staff amenities, interspersed with landscaped courtyards, internal voids, circulation zones and multi-storey event spaces, all interwoven with the overhead distribution system moving cars bodies though and between the factory components.
The design encourages lateral organisation of all the factory, office and public reception teams, facilitating multiple connections between public, office and manufacturing activities plus fluid associations between departments and amenities.
The central building was therefore developed out of the enmeshing of two conceptually distinct types of space; it represents the interaction of process-orientated spaces and socially interactive spaces. integrating the two spatial types of production and sociability to the development of an organisational space, where simple components gain complexity by their position relative to each other.