Jinjiang Exhibition Centre



Jinjiang, China (2013)
Site area: 21.3 ha
GFA: 396,847 sqm
Type: exhibition centre, civic and cultural, office, hotel, restaurant, retail


This comprehensive ensemble of exhibition halls, convention facilities, outdoor plazas, restaurants, commercial space and retail outlets is at the heart of Jinjiang’s emerging development and a significant new regional destination for the city.
The facades and surfaces of the buildings are formed out of a transformation of spatial geometry required by the buildings programme.The iconic crests of the two hotel and office towers emerge on either side of the two plots to present diverse vistas all around, including the key views to the adjoining mountain to the south and the various buildings around it.
The form draws upon the rich legacy of traditional Chinese geometries characterised by a continuous overlapping, twisting and folding of elements at different scales and rhythms. This provides a visual and structural integration of this complex nesting within the undulating terrain, the wavelike form apparently diving in and out of the site.
The design also incorporates over 85,000m2 of hard and soft landscaping formed by a linear pattern which works in harmony with the folded geometry. Generous outdoor plazas to the North and South of plot B will facilitate large outdoor exhibitions, providing for spatial connections to the market buildings to the North and the new station complex to the South-West.