Foshan South Pujun Road Architecture Design & Surrounding Area Urban Design


中国 佛山(2013)

Foshan, China (2013)
Site Area: 3.4 ha
GFA: 54,170 sqm
Type: mixed use, civic and cultural, public square, retail

门户建筑在佛山市内的一个关键位置,因为北岭南路轴线的终点支撑了门户建筑的战略,该战略基于一个既构成框架又终止轴线,形成倒“ U”形的单一正式手势。

Foshan Oasis is a cultural destination in the heart of the city. It provides a varied and complimentary range of attractions for a diversity of people and age-groups working together as an economically sustainable whole.
The site will feature a major greenhouse, multi-level retail galleria, aquarium, theatre and Foshan city flagship.
LAB’s design for the Foshan gateway draws upon the rich local tradition of Shiwan ceramics, their sinuous glazed forms providing a starting point in the development of a distinctive formal response to the gateway site and urban context.
The Gateway building occupies a key location within Foshan as the termination of the North Ling Nam road axis underpinning the strategy for the gateway building which is based on a single formal gesture that both frames and terminates the axis, forming an inverted ‘U’ shape.
The massing of the gateway creates a sheltered public plaza, oriented to capture the view down the axis forming an events plaza and city square with the capacity to accommodate a diverse range of cultural festivals, performances, markets and civic commemorations.