Yantai Tower



Yantai, China (2005-2009)
Site Area: 0.5 ha
GFA: 70,000 sqm
Type: commercial office + retail


This recently completed 180m office tower is the focal component of larger mixed-use residential and retail development in the emerging commercial heart of this northern chinese waterfront city.
the 45-level tower’s form is accentuated by its articulation as two separate elements joined together to create a single composite form.
These two elements are longitudinally slipped against each other, so that at the north and south ends the two components are clearly identifiable, one vertical and one stepped forward in plan and raking backwards towards the top. this creates a simple, effective contrast against the remaining vertical facade surfaces, so as one moves around the building a dynamic shifting of their relationship occurs.
The tower facade is a simple infill aluminium mullion and transform framing system, with a combination of glazed window units and operable metal-faced ventilation shutters, whose raking pattern up the building reinforces its form.
The tower is articulated with a wrapping horizontal banding which at night creates a distinctive yellow-lit band. by day it segments the facade into a series of separate forms, expressed through deeper or shallower mullions.