Little Italy

Little Italy酒吧


London, UK (2003)
Area : 900 sqm
scope : architectural works and interior fit-out

意大利酒吧和伦敦Soho区的Little Italy酒吧是一种城市机构。 LAB的设计改善了现有的意大利酒吧,并将Little Italy重新发展为三个层次的酒吧,餐厅和咖啡馆。
Little Italy的现有设计故意使用一种材料和颜色的调色板,以现代而独特的方式唤起意大利:水磨石地板及其白色大理石卵石,维罗纳大理石地板的拼合壁板用于街道外立面以及自然大理石着色到墙壁上 。这些都让人联想起意大利,并共同为餐厅塑造了独特的形象。

The Italian Bar and Little Italy Bar in London’s Soho are an urban institution. The design of LAB improves the existing Italian bar and redevelops Little Italy into a three-level bar, restaurant and cafe.
Little Italy’s existing design deliberately uses a palette of materials and colors to evoke Italy in a modern and unique way: the terrazzo floor and its white marble pebbles, and the split siding of the Verona marble floor for the street facade And natural marble is colored on the walls. These are all reminiscent of Italy and together create a unique image for the restaurant.