Rasasi Tower



Business bay, Dubai, UAE (2007-2010)
Site Area: 0.54 ha
GFA: 33,000 sqm
Type: commercial office


The dynamic form of this 30-storey tower is generated directly out of this unique corner-shaped site within the dubai business bay precinct.
The building includes 25 levels of commercial office space, a podium roof restaurant with landscaped terrace, five basement and three podium levels of car parking, a major ground floor lobby and retail arcade plus all attendant service spaces.
The tower core is set to the building’s southern edge, generating open and flexible floor plates that can accommodate between one and six tenancy divisions.
The core location produces reduced solar load to the building interiors and is emblematic of the integrated esd principles that have provided a silver leed rating within the original project budget.
The tower form twists through its height in order to reconcile efficient floor plates with development restrictions. the building shell and core are treated as normative construction methodology with the building’s form expressed through cantilevered slab edges.
The use of generative component software within the lab project team has allowed for a seamless and efficient transition from 3d digital model into conventional 2d drawings. the same software has also allowed for specific investigations into facade panelling in order to maximise material efficiency.