Dongping Town Urban Design


占地面积:174.02 公顷
建筑面积:777,099 平方米

本设计拥有浪漫主义的田野情怀,对于景观和空间配置,有独到的坚持。改变包括:去除柏油铺透水砖;缩窄道路、两侧辟绿带,以吸收地表径流;大量植栽、绿化景观,还居民一个绿色环境 。
随着工商业的快速发展,造成了农村人力大量外流,加速了农村衰退。设计也考虑了如何让人口回流,重新找回小镇的生命力。为了吸引周遭的人来到小镇, 并对农业产生兴趣,方案中留出了多样的空间,举办各种活动。独具特色的田园派对,让人们来到农场,亲自看看农产品的制作过程,以及所使用的机器工具,也可以直接购买当地的特色产品,体验不同的生活。

This design has a romantic field feeling, and has a unique persistence to the landscape and space configuration. Changes include: removing tar paving permeable bricks; narrowing roads and creating green belts on both sides to absorb surface runoff; a large number of plants, greening landscapes, and a green environment for residents.
The original intention of the planning came from the need for water communication in the natural world. Proper flooding is actually beneficial to the surrounding plains and will attract birds and other wild animals to habitat. The cement embankment was demolished and replaced with turf to restore its natural appearance, allowing water to enter and exit freely. The scheme creates more space for water supply and straightens the river back to prevent flooding and balance with nature.
With the rapid development of industry and commerce, it caused a large outflow of rural manpower and accelerated rural recession. The scheme also considers how to return the population and regains the vitality of the countryside. In order to attract people around to come to the countryside and have an interest in agriculture, a variety of spaces have been set aside for various activities. The unique pastoral party, let people come to the farm, personally see the production process of agricultural products, as well as the machine tools used, you can also directly buy local specialty products and experience different lives.
The local villages have left a large number of empty houses due to the migration of young groups. The “Food Art Exhibition” carried out an “empty house plan” for more than 100 existing buildings, giving these humble empty houses new artistic value. There are three forms of empty houses: one is ordinary residential houses, the other is abandoned school streets, and the third is street shops. In the new plan, some of these empty house buildings have been designed as exhibition halls, some have become office buildings, and some have become multi-functional activity centers. Various special restaurants and retail boutique businesses are also among them. While creating beauty, it also brings huge income, connecting people and land with old objects.
There are also lake ecosystems and farmland ecosystems in Dongping’s characteristic town parks, which can be run and tumbled as much as possible. It can be said that it is a classroom without high barriers and a suitable place for outdoor teaching.
Planning roads also introduced a way to connect farms and markets with a single lane, so that people can ride bicycles to gain a deeper understanding of rural life.