Urban Design of Shenzhen Bay HQ Base


中国 深圳 (2018)
用地面积:118 公顷


The Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base aims to create a new financial centre with top headquarter offices for global corporations and related venues for international conferences, exhibitions, and cultural programs. Built upon a reclaimed waterfront, and already layered with an infrastructural grid, the main remaining challenge is the creation of a district that will be liveable, attractive to capital, respectful to the local context, technologically innovative and decarbonizing the planet.
The masterplan proposal by LAB is a pedestrian-friendly, multinodal masterplan concept that focuses on addressing these challenges with seamless integration of horizontal and vertical functions and urban principles that prioritize publicness.
Our vision is to facilitate the headquarter area of the Shenzhen bay as the real leader of this new regional superpower. The bold vision of the city will be setting urban standards for advanced, yet human and planet-centric urban development.