The Central Red Army’s Long March Memorial Hall And The Long March College Project

于都县 一馆一院等建设项目 中央红军长征出发纪念馆(改扩建项目)及长征学院建设项目

江西省 赣州市 于都县(2020)
项目类型:纪念馆、 学校
占地面积: 249,050 平方米
建筑面积: 35,588 平方米

同时纪念花园连接起来的流缐营造出宁静的思绪。 红色之旅可在一个连续的循环中自由走动。
设计依靠周边地区的蜿蜒景观。 由此产生的折线立面和光滑的表面成为清晰的红色诗歌。 红色旅程开始于纪念碑,起伏的建筑群包裹着若干大型的红色广场。在夏季融入了绿色大环境。在冬季,融入了深籃的河水。

The Central Red Army Long March Departure Memorial Hall (reconstruction and expansion project) and the Long March Academy project, how to solve the problem of the eternal tension between the old and the new, between history and modernity, between the natural landscape and the scale of red commemoration and language contrast,
The core is how to combine the existence and value of red with the contemporary potential and reality; Become a meaningful venue.
The design concept is to enhance publicity by designing an open landscape. The “twinkling red star”, consisting of a series of hills, gradually guides visitors from the monument to the museum to the shore park to look back on history.
At the same time, the threads connecting the memorial garden create a quiet mind. The Red Journey can move freely in a continuous cycle.
It is designed to respond to Yudu’s energetic and active spirit. Each cluster looks as if it is carved by the flow of “sparkling red stars”, and finally becomes the architectural landscape with red stars shining, which also means the expression of red past and impression. The architecture is seamlessly integrated with nature and terrain;
The design relies on the winding landscape of surrounding areas. The resulting broken line facade and smooth surface become clear red poetry. The red journey begins at the monument, where a number of large red squares are surrounded by undulating buildings. In summer, it blends into the green environment. In winter, the river flows into a deep basket.