Dali Resort Club


用地面积:3.4 公顷
建筑面积:30,000 平方米
项目类型: 酒店+度假别墅


This retreat hotel is located on pristine lake erhai, with a dramatic backdrop of mountains, just outside the historic town of dali in china’s southwestern yunnan province. It comprises a six-star hotel complex with 100 rooms, 18 separate villas and four mansion lodges, supplemented by a large specialty conference centre, a number of garden restaurants and a series of leisure pavilions throughout the hotel grounds.
Drawing inspiration from the stone landscape and quarrying traditions of dali, the project uses the potential of crystalline rock forms and their mysterious and polished interior patterns and colours to create a unique experience that is founded in the experience of the place.
The faceted forms of the main hotel building and its raised landscape slope lakewards, which supports the smaller free-standing villas, mansion and pavilions. All reflect the diversity of natural forms, as does the pattern of garden paths and lakeside ecology walkways.