Jinsha Lake


占地面积:2,261 公顷
建筑面积:5,703,303 平方米


Our framework for the Jinsha Lake is based on a dynamic interaction of urban living and resort living. The key norther precinct is an extension of the urban grid of Funing south, while the resort precincts are at a different concept of development- concieved as large cell clusters floating within the landscape. Jinsha Lake then becomes the dynamic and valuable interface linking these precincts, a true destination at the heart of two types of living.
The new vision for Jinsha Lake is organized upon the notion and idea of the cell- whereby the largest cell is the central organizing figure of the loop road around the lake. Each precinct is then defined by a loop road with key connectors. Green loops provide additional definition within the precincts at a neighbourhood level. Development plots occur as a flexible cell type, shifting in scale and proportion and park and water cells define key open spaces within the precinct.
The cell serves as an elegant solution to the division of space because it is not based on a ridid fixed geometry or dimension, districts can easily be subdivided in various ways, while still maintaining a sense of local identity and difference.