中国 南京
占地面积:47.34 公顷

未来太平南路的商业成功复兴,我们必须从 老太平南路的记忆中 学习:如何恢复并继承“始终粘连的商业氛围”和街道即店面的辉煌。
太平南路有三块主要分段,以户部街与白下路十字路口处分段。靠北的三分之一分段基本有四条车行道,靠南的三分之二基本有三条车行道。如空间允许,在主要的十字路口可附加转弯车道以提高十字路的行车效率。 现有的树木,历史建筑和有特色文化的道路的存在都很重要,且对任何道路的改建有着影响。

In order for South Taiping Road to be a successful commercial street for the future, we must learn from the past – the qualities of “coherent + consistent retail frontage that address + defines the street” must be maintained.
South Taiping Road has 3 key sections, with intersections at Hubu Street and Baixia Road. The northern third of the road has a basic profile of 4 lanes; the southern two-thirds has a basic profile of 3 lanes. Where possicle, additional turning lanes are added at key intersections, to increase intersection efficiency. Existing trees, historic buildings and current “defined” street character are all important, and should influence any road reconstruction.