Nanjing Outer Zhonghua Gate Changgan Bridge Aera Masterplan


中国 南京
基地面积:98.8 公顷
建筑面积:1,470,000 平方米

· 发现中华门外
· 观察中华门外
· 连接中华门外
· 体验中华门外
· 感受中华门外
· 创建中华门外

Inspired by the nearby Yuhuatai, we see what cannot yet be seen – a giant rain fl ower stone in the old heart of the site, its ripples and dynamic features expanding along the Qinhai River, generating new stones across the site.
A place that begins at the intersection of XiJie and the Jade Belt canal. A place that connects to its past and leads towards a successful future.
Our vision for Zhonghua Men Wai is of a place both old and new. A place that fl ows along the Qinhai River, transforming as it grows.
We present 6 steps in creating this future for Zhonghua Men Wai:
discovering Zhonghua Men Wai
seeing Zhonghua Men Wai
connecting Zhonghua Men Wai
living Zhonghua Men Wai
breathing Zhonghua Men Wai
building Zhonghua Men Wai
Zhonghua Men Wai creates a new district from an old street, connecting the Da Baoen Temple to a new landmark tower opposite the south-west corner of the historic city wall.
Together, the Xi Jie spine of the “2 towers” link, and the nodes and ripples of the rain flower stones create a new spatial fabric – and a new piece of the city is born.