Fengxian New Town Cross Frame Green Corridor Landscape Design


中国 上海
占地面积:561.5 公顷
Shanghai, China
site area: 561.5 ha
type: landscape design


Fengxian is known as the town of water. It faces Hangzhou Bay in the south, Huangpu River in the north, and the deep-water port in the east. It belongs to the alluvial plain of the Yangtze River Delta. The side effects of later industrial development, soil erosion and other reasons have caused damage to water quality as well as water areas.
This plan is based on the protection and restoration of such a watery hometown as Nanqiao New City, and proposes the urban ecological system structure of characteristic landscape frame of “Tianzi Green Corridor”. These green corridors and water systems form an effective transition between the new and old urban areas, and become a green barrier to effectively control the disorderly expansion of towns. The focus of the overall landscape planning is to combine the three aspects of environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and social sustainability.
The basis for realizing this concept is to change and disturb the area as little as possible, and to protect and restore the original pristine natural features of the area as much as possible. This requires us to balance the relationship between the protection and development of these two contradictions in the overall planning and design, which is also the highlight of the “Tianzi Green Corridor” as the characteristic landscape framework of Fengxian New City.
The important park node is positioned as a life diversity area, and the surrounding area as a supplement to the park’s functional attributes provides residents and tourists with more leisure and entertainment methods. The design hopes to bring freshness to the experiencers through the reconstruction of the “Tianzi Green Corridor”, while the protection and restoration of the new city can also make people remember that the water village is part of the natural resources of Fengxian New City. More importantly, the comprehensive protection and design of the “Tianzi Green Corridor” area will arouse people’s emotional attachment to the New City Green Corridor.