8TH Chinese Flower Expo Pavilions


建筑面积:4,000 平方米

作为一个遮风避雨的覆盖物, 波澜起伏而又半透明的膜结构顶棚, 为公共大厅走道提供了广大的活动空间。同时将中央展厅这样一个最重要的目的地场所与其他会议会展中心、花博会中央广

Located on the West Taihu lake, the design for the 8th Chinese Flower Expo pavilions explores the aesthetics of the relationship between the water and the flower.

The design of the pavilions draw upon the natural geographical features of the area and uses ecological building design principles to improve the relationship between art,
architecture, and the environment whilst furthering the Flower Expo building society?s view to promote sustainability and the natural ecology.
The construction of the pavilions
include the use of ETFE cladding which serves as a lightweight, high transparency and weatherproof membrane. It is energy efficient, low EE, recyclable and produced without
the use of ecologically damaging petrochemicals. Supported by a diagrid trellis structure requiring less steel than conventional methods of support and more efficient load distribution,
the 8th Chinese Flower expo pavilions showcase to the world China?s love of art, craftsmanship and the rich cultural significance of the area of Xitaihu and responsibility
to the environment.
With the efficient use of resources and an integrated and Eco-design concept, environmental impact is minimized to create a functional, ecologically responsible,
and innovative space.