Nanjing GEI Xianlin OUTLETS


项目类型: 外立面设计、项目品牌提升


The design of the exterior facade reconstruction scheme of Jinying Xianlin Lakeside World aims to build it into a new local landmark commercial project. Golden Eagle Xianlin Lake World is a representative commercial project in Nanjing.
The purpose of this transformation is to reshape the facade image of the building. Under the condition of meeting the design requirements, we strive to endow each building with a unique appearance and personality through this design transformation, so that the Golden Eagle Xianlin Lake World will be presented to the people of Nanjing with a new, modern and dynamic attitude.
In the Guidelines for Color Control in Nanjing, “wutong plain color, beautiful makeup” is determined as the overall color feature of the city. The design inspiration for this facade reconstruction comes from the most complex and distinctive process of Nanjing Cloud Brocade, called makeup flower, which is not subject to the restrictions of color matching in terms of technology. The colors are fully mixed and varied.
The colors designed in this scheme are mainly evolved from the color series of beautiful makeup flowers. The exterior color of the building is bright but keeps a certain low key. Some darker colors are widely used to give people a visual impact.
Through geometric shape and bold and full color, each building is endowed with a unique appearance and personality, creating an international appearance design.