建筑面积: 26,200 平方米
项目类型:高端豪华公寓 住宅


LAB has been commissioned to design two distinct but joined luxury apartment
buildings in the solidere downtown redevelopment of Beirut. There are 21 apartments
over five floors, ranging from three 400m2 apartments per floor to a single 1,000m2 apartment.
The site is planned as a u-shaped building with the retail shop fronting the main commercial
streets, making the most of the southern aspect, and forming a private courtyard
for the apartment occupants. The building addresses the public garden promenade,
‘shoreline walk’, which demarcates the line of the old mediterranean shoreline prior
to the civil war.
The facade concept derives from two sources; firstly,
the house project for Josephine Baker by Adolf Loos and secondly,
the local precedents both in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East using horizontal
stone banding across a facade with contrasting colours to over-emphasise the horizontal.
This concept allows for variation and a kind of ‘shimmer and vibration’ across the facade,
whilst still adhering to the very stringent guidelines of the Solidere Beirut downtown redevelopment.
This produces a variable massing, with a more continuous external surface contrasting the recesses and set-backs of windows, loggia and balconies.