Xinyi Library

xinyi town, China (2013)

site area: 0.64 ha
GFA: 9,320 ha

type: facade design, library

The building?s form and facade gives expression to the library?s internal organisational planning. The forms of individual filaments
are both aggregated and embedded to create an overall coherent building image that has both a strong response in its focal location
and axial orientation, as well as engaging the local differences and adjacencies of its immediate context, landscape setting and it?s
solar orientation.
The proposed facade design compliments the composition of the building?s form by allowing the specific requirements
of its functional programme to be expressed, together with a response to its site and landscape setting and its solar orientation.

The facade system is based upon the premise of using a simple set of elements to create a rich and varied set of compositional effects,
ranging from the formal and regular to the varied and diverse. The facade patterns will change according to light conditions during the day,
accentuating the movement of the sun and the shadows generated by the surface offsets.
This will at times reinforce the play of the filament forms,
and at other times virtually dissolve it. By night the library will become a distinctive lantern, revealing another register to the facade pattern.