huaian facade

huaian, china (2010?)

client: Real Estate Development Co.

site area: 1.75hagross floor area: 135,000m2
type: commercial, retail + residential

This commission was for the facade design of a mixed-use development utilising existing plans established prior to LAB?s involvement.
The client wanted a metaphorical reference to tie all of the facades together.
The project was broken down into four main components: Podium, Office Tower,
Residential and Arena. Each component was then elevated and a typical component drawing created. There was also a requirement to provide a concept for
the podium rooftop landscaping.
The analogy of the lotus flower (prevalent in the Huaian area) was used throughout the initial concept stage.
The flower formed the basis of the facade cuts in the podium (lotus stems), the central arena enclosure (lotus bud), the tile pattern and window
fins on the office tower (lotus stems) and the colourful reveals of the residential building (flowers).
Facade precedents were utilised to present
to the client a vision of each of the facade components.
The main outcome for the project has been the creation of a more coherent facade language.
The facade components all utilise a repetition of basic elements consisting of a simple palette of local materials.
There will be further development
of advertising signage, the integration of an LED screen and the alteration of the office tower lower levels to accommodate a change in use.