Sanya Hainan Yazhou Fish Market Project


中国 三亚


The scope of the Sanya Yazhou Fish Market project was to re-invent the building fa栤e envelope to create a unified and recognisable design
language whilst preserving the loading flow of the building to ensure unobstructed operation of the buildings function.
The facade has been optimised to
employ a standardised tiling system making it not only visually attractive but highly cost-efficient and simple to fabricate.
The design draws upon
various aquatic influences in the formulation of the concept such as the biomechanics of aquatic animals, the schooling patterns of fish, and the turbulence
of the ocean. In accordance with this concept, a ?rib? design language was implemented on the facade, fabricated by welding the structure grid to a mesh.
Compared with the original structure, this approach used less material and was more transparent than the existing scheme, with estimated savings of 10 to 15% of the original cost.