Thanewcastle Region Art Gallery


澳大利亚 纽卡斯尔
占地面积:0.3 公顷
建筑面积: 7,900平方米

建筑的主入口强调了Lamen 街和市民公园的朝向。其在Darby街角上的倾斜,展现了建筑融合街道景观中去的意向。位于Lamen街上的美术馆、街角的美术馆书店和咖啡馆使整个沿街立面活跃

anchoring the south-east corner of newcastle’s civic park, the newcastle region art gallery (nrag) serves simultaneously as a compositional
part of the broader civic and community ensemble, and as a dynamic attractor within its immediate local context. the building seeks to acknowledge
and accommodate the complexity of its functional program, and to combine the cultural and commercial components in a clear and intelligible way.

the building’s main entrance addresses the civic orientation to laman street and the civic park. the oblique corner presence onto darby street announces
the building onto the city’s streetscape. the positioning of gallery functions onto laman street and the prominent corner positioning of gallery bookstore
and cafe creates activated frontages which complement the commercial ones along darby street. the building’s permanent and temporary exhibition galleries
are both located on the upper (first floor) in an arrangement that allows for a continuous circulation pattern through them.