Xianlin Commercial Centre


用地面积:2 公顷
建筑面积:100,000 平方米


xianlin commercial centre is a mixed retail precinct forming the lakeside commercial focus of xianlin new town centre development. xianlin is one of nanjing’s
three primary satellite developments and has 10 new universities as well as related high-tech electronic and component manufacturing with an envisaged population
of one million people by 2015.
the major pedestrian flows are anticipated between the northeast and southeast corners of the site, anchored by the new subway station
to the south and the nanjing normal university to the north. through careful design of the building footprints to increase spatial cohesion and a sense of enclosure,
pedestrians will be drawn either through the covered shopping street at the heart of the project or along the activated lakeside promenade lined with restaurants and cafes.

the development consists of six separate buildings, anchored with a brand-name department store, cinema complex and basement supermarket. these are complemented by a series
of distinct zones within the development, devoted to food and beverage, convenience or fashion clothing, entertainment and electronics.
linking the commercial elements
together is a hierarchy of spaces, focused on a continuously covered street. a series of higher-level gallery balconies provides upper-level connection between the
buildings along its length and a series of passages links to the waterfront promenade.