Birmingham Station Gateway


英国 伯明翰(2008)
facade area: 12,000m2

立面面积:12,000 平方米


lab’s new design for the refurbishment of birmingham’s new street station includes an external facade, atrium roof and new public areas to integrate
with the surrounding streets and spaces. the refurbishment intends to reinforce an engagement with science, technology and industry through a building of rich and inclusive imagery.
the design of the main station entry has folded glass canopies creating clear legibility, reinforced by revealing depth and functional activity.
additional light will emanate from the face through the aggregated and individual glass windows, which in retail areas serve to reveal internal activity,
while in other areas they provide illumination of the spaces around the of the distinctive characteristics of lab’s concept is that the building
surface will integrally incorporate many components and elements that have usually been only fixed to a building’s surface. by introducing communication systems
into the building surface, the facade can become a conveyor of information, assisting communications and movement of people by conveying and updating information early.
the concept of embedded information can also be taken further in terms of the broader concept design ideas to include entries, internal directional signage and train information systems.