The Haven Apartment + Retail Centre


建筑面积:53,500 平方米

作为一个混合功能的项目,Haven 酒店和零售区在设计中整合了多种生动的活动和传统特色。

this proposal for a hotel and retail precinct is situated on the edge of the existing commercial area of nasori and will provide a new focus for the expanding town’s commercial area.
the design is focused on two small towers: one of 14 stories for a 147-room hotel, and the other with 60 serviced apartments. both towers are positioned within a compact contemporary
retail centre including small cinemas and specialist retail, food and beverage facilities, all planned in a compact organisation and creating an ‘urban village’ atmosphere
focused around a covered outdoor market and eating area called ‘the exchange’.
the design incorporates continuous shade and shelter, with overhanging roofs, breezeways and terraces.
these provide spatial and experiential diversity for the visitor and means the entire development seems to have evolved organically in time and developed its own patina, character
and identity.
a mixed-use development, the haven hotel and retail precinct integrates diverse and vibrant activities and traditions through its design. both respecting and reflecting
fiji’s craft traditions, the distinctive surface treatment of the facades reimagines the textures of weaving and the striking geometric patterns of tapa cloths.