Hexi Hopsca


中国 南京
建筑面积: 98,425平方米


GEI Hexi City is a large scale mixed-use development incorporating offices, residential space and a hotel in a single 400m-plus high rise tower.

A ten storey podium integrates a department store, specialist retail, entertainment and leisure facilities complimented by a range of food and beverage offerings.

Like a city, the project has a series of distinct retail and activity precincts allowing for specific use character areas whilst promoting legibility of layout and
movement within the large development site.
One of the key planning and design features is an external open space called ‘The Valley’ consisting of a series of connected
courtyards and linked, landscaped open spaces.
The primary attractors ? high-rise tower and department store ? are located at the site?s diagonal extremities,
generating internal circulation flows that combine the internal and external public spaces as part of an
integrated and legible pedestrian flow through the site.

The project?s architectural design is characterised by tapering and striated angular forms: vertical for the tower providing the means to gradually reduce floor
plate areas for the higher functions floors by utilising a
parametric facade setout based upon identical sized panels; and horizontal for the podium, which generates
a dramatic and variable form, integrating lighting and signage solutions.