Jiangbei Smart Grid Control Centre, Nanjing


中国 南京
占地面积:3.0 公顷
建筑面积:107,649 平方米


The overall design concept of this project develops base on the idea of “eco-intelligence hub” and comprehensively considering the functional requirements and the site’s surrounding environment, and put it into the design process.
The deisgn considers that the project intends to adopt the “one-time design, phased implementation” mode of construction,The overall layout is such that three independent office towers are connected to the central podium, semi- enclosed to form an inner courtyard, and interconnected with the surrounding environment.
The design of the dispatching office building and logistics auxiliary building in the first phase of construction minimizes the inconvenience that may be caused during the construction of the second and third phases of the future.
And the plants in the garden space and platform wrap the tower, extending the central garden in the center of the new area into this green building.”Sky Garden” has designed a unique green plant installation. The green plants on the building, combined with the lighting, will make the tower showoff the dreamy colourful scenery.