Chengdu MIA Centre Interior Concept Design


中国 成都
建筑面积:0.6 公顷

我们在各商铺楼层都引用线条创造图案.线条图案从墙体空间发源,图案强调墙体的不完整(如角 落等)并创造了与直线互动的有趣波纹。

The scope of the design is the M1 and B1 level commercial space of the building. The architectural processing of these spaces requires spatial visual links, also it shall not affect people’s line of sight of activities here.
We use linear patterns among the retail floors. Patterns originate from the walls emphasize the incompleteness (such as corners, etc.) and create interesting ripples that interact with the straight lines. These lines connect the space and guide pedestrians through the main atrium, corridor and gathering space.
We analyzed the types of retail and thought that different storefronts were needed for different uses, so as entrances and exits, and public areas.
We have set up a reference wire that guides the storefront (openings, window frame partitions, visual display volume, etc.). In addition, the surrounding effect of the storefront under the same roof is also a big challenge.